Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic For Your Home Kitchen: A Honest Review

This is an honest review of my newly-bought Paderno World Cuisine Tri-blade plastic Vegetable spiralizer. It is just convenient enough to make me, a typical busy work-lady and housewife share my thoughts for you folks out there who are also surfing the internet for in-hand reviews rather than reading the fancy, sales-pushing features from the companies just like me.

Packaging & installation: first look

I had always been a fan of the art of cooking. Making a dish to taste good for the stomach is one thing but it’s the appearance of the dish that builds the appetite first. So I had this idea of making spiral fruit that looks like pasta and the first tool I think : it is Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer. For a decent price and amount of good reviews on the site, I decided to get it right away. The first look ?it comes in 3 plastic parts and can be assembled easily; But is rather big for a tool in kitchen and vulnerable as it’s made of plastic and thin blades.

It comes with 3 blades for different types of spirals: thin, long and pasta-like, which suits my creativity for various food decorations. You choose the main blade on top, and put the rest two on the storage space at the bottom. To start spiralizing, you must first firmly attach the tool to the counter by pushing it down, then you can attach the vegetables between the pointy handle and the shredder. Note that although the turning handle looks thin and easy to break, it does! You should always use the rear handle to push when turning the wheels. That’s what it’s made for.

Bottom line: Easy to install, vulnerable but light look, careful with the handles.

Spiralizing fruit never got so creative

First thing I try to make is Cucumber salad. Put on the thin original blade, cut the heads off, turn and push the wheels for like 10 rounds and walaa. The sharp blades made it smooth when pushing and rolling the attached cucumber in place. A few rounds of carrots and cabbages slicing made the salad dish eye-catching and ready to serve in only 5 minutes. Even though the cabbages are bigger than the blades?size, it does not cause any problem for the tool. Just put it in, push and turn, the whole cabbage is neatly shred. Simple as that.

Next dish that would make a great appetizer is fried apples. You can change the way and the taste of the original, big sliced apple dishes simply by using the thin blade shredder. Note that you must first cut of the core of the apple to make the turning easier, or else it won’s fit the blade hole. If you feel that cutting apples is just as fast as shredding them, consider both the slices. Thinner slice DOES fries and cooked faster, right? I put the cooked slices around the dish, pour cinnamon and hot sugar with butter in the middle and my family loved it. Convenience and style at its best.

If there is one thing I love about cooking, that is creativity. It’s just a way to make things less boring, sometimes even cause less tears . Don’t you just hate it when dealing with cutting onions in the kitchen? Well this is where the shredder comes in handy. That’s right, attach the thing in and roll away. Less crying, less hand-cutting. Do try out with different blades folks!

Bottom line: function clear and convenient, be creative, worth the price.

Cleaning with ease

One thing to be concerned about, the thing has blind spots and peeled fruit can get stuck in quite easily. Good thing it is made of plastic and can be disassembled when washing. Be careful though, the blades are thin and sharp and can cut your hand easier than a normal knife would. Keep it safe from your children!


A 8/10 for this piece if innovation. It works with most veggies, easy to operate and fast cleaning. I suggest you try out with different blades food mix to make your dish more appealing as I have only used this for a month. May you work your best out of this and thank you for reading my honest review.

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