Organise Your Laundry; Whip your lacklustre laundry into shape with a brand new look and super storage solutions

DO YOU LOVE doing laundry? No, us either. But a perfectly organised and beautiful-to-look at place to do it would make the job less tedious. Sure, the laundry may never be the hub of the home like your kitchen, or a sanctuary like your bedroom, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring space devoid of style. Read on to find out how, with some decorating know-how and a few savvy storage solutions, you can create a laundry to be proud of.

laudry space in your house

Laudry space in your house


THE DECOR Extend the rules of interior decorating to this underadmired space. Play with colour. Bold hues – like our orange wall (right) – are said to be energising, which is helpful in the laundry!

play with color for your laundry space

play with color for your laundry space

Hang a curtain along open shelving to hide unsightly bottles. You can coordinate your curtain with the ironing board cover as you would with soft furnishings in a bed- or living-room setup.

Put artworks on display, too. Here, a “Brilliant” poster in a white frame looks graphic and reminds you just what a great job you’re doing!

THE STORAGE Make the most of wall space, particularly if your laundry is in a cupboard. This arrangement features a wall-mounted shelving unit with a vertically lifting door to hide all your bits and bobs. On top is the perfect place to stack towels.

Nina Rosace, author of Home Sorted! ($24.95,, says it’s best to have two washing hampers – whites and colours – to make doing laundry easier. “Take clothes to the laundry and sort them into their appropriate hampers daily,” she advises. In this space, two hooks hold lightweight hampers so you can do just that.

A clothes line above the sink is handy if you have the space. If you need a stepladder to reach it, choose something attractive, like this timber number, instead of the usual fold-out metal types.


THE DECOR Make your laundry aesthetically pleasing and it will be somewhere you don’t mind spending a bit of time. Here, timber-panelled walls set the scene for a rustic but contemporary laundry space.

Instead of a colour scheme, this room features a palette of various timbers – the hanging ladder, shelf, hampers and stepladder – to create visual interest.

Potted plants, too, add to the natural look. And they’ll do well in the laundry thanks to the humidity. Choose succulents and indoor-friendly varieties and make sure they get a bit of sun.

natural habitat for the space in your house

natural habitat for the space in your house

THE STORAGE Get creative with your organising. In this laundry, a suspended vintage ladder makes for a cool visual feature and, more importantly, is great for hanging drying clothes.

Below it, a floating shelf is the ideal spot to keep canisters full of brushes and sponges as it’s within reach of the sink, too.

Beside the sink, a portable caddy holds cleaning products so you can easily carry them when cleaning the house. If you have the space, Nina suggests you have two caddies: one to hold the detergents and another to keep all your cleaning tools.

As for clothes, allocate a different hamper to each family member to make sorting out whose is whose a cinch.

Ironing board covers

Due to lack of storage space or the fact that you use it daily, the ironing board is often left out on display for all to see. Transform it from an eyesore into a focal point with a cool cover. There’s a wide range of colours and patterns available, such as these displaying a cherry print, a ruler motif and gingham checks, so you can choose one to suit your style. Plus, covers are inexpensive and slip right onto the ironing board, so you can update the look in an instant – and for next to nothing!

storage space

storage space


THE DECOR Love the luxe look of wallpaper? Yes, it looks great in living rooms and bedrooms, but this wall treatment is also a great way to spruce up a laundry.

Setting the scene in this laundry is the Porter’s Paints “Dragonfly” wallpaper. It lends large-scale drama to the small space, so everything else is kept minimal, but equally as sleek. The “HOME” Scrabble-piece artwork, the bold globe pendant light and the ironing board all feature a smart monochrome scheme to work with the wallpaper.

THE STORAGE If your laundry area is the size of a postage stamp, a good solution is to go for custom cabinetry and fittings. Brands like Hettich ( can help you design a Tardis-like laundry behind a pair of cupboard doors. You can include everything from a linen cupboard to the washer/ dryer and a pull-out ironing board. But if a custom job isn’t on the cards, there are plenty of easy ways to get more from your space.

It goes without saying that you can’t keep too many products in a small laundry. A single shelf within handy reach of the sink and washing machine is all you need to hold your washing powders and detergents. These, too, are kept nice and simple, decanted into a collection of like-shaped bottles and jars. To help identify what’s what, they’re labelled with blackboard tags that you can write on.

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