Using a drill tool to make a hole precisely where you would like it is a basic and important skill for all woodworking tasks.

In this cordless drill driver reviews, we will provide you a wide range of devices that could be used for driving or drilling and then suggest certain techniques that people who have confined vision or completely blind have considered to be effective.

After some practical experience, woodworkers with impaired vision usually find that they could take the drill really close to a suitable angle by running the fingers down and up the bits when they are not turning, helping them to make a hole straight through the piece of work. Remaining your body in a steady position could help to grip the drills right to the working surface.

Safety Guides for the Process of Drilling

  • Bear in mind the step that you would want to take to achieve your project.
  • Choose the materials and devices that you would need.
  • Keep your working area free of mess and organized.
  • Wear closed toe shoes, protective glasses and comfortable clothing to keep your sleeves from being caught up in your task.
  • Put the hardware and devices that you would need for the job you are doing in a close tool belt, tool tray, or other box so that they are freely available to you.
  • Keep unnecessary materials and devices put elsewhere, far away from the working area.
  • Do not start your project if you are frustrated, weary, or have been drinking alcohol.

Techniques for the Process of Drilling Hole

When you are drilling or driving a hole by using a powerful drill or even by hand, it could be hard to drill the hole at a 90 degrees angle to the task. A drill usually has an incorporated level in its housing, but this often requires fine vision for reading.

However, there are certain practical techniques that peoples with impaired vision or without vision could use, which could make the process of drilling rather precise. These useful techniques are as followings:

  • Drill information in a range of radius are available in a hardware store or even a building supply center. Putting a guide on the working surface that is to be drilled and adding the bit on the guide will make it feasible to drill holes right straight through the work.
  • Always remember to take the rectangle or square of wood away from a board, thereby making a 90 degrees angle; then put the bits into the corner so that it could be perfectly aligned.
  • Put a big-headed nail with a head down on the working surface of a board, and then arrange the bits in the correction position with the nails by touching them.
  • Last but not least, remember to use a bobbin sewing machine or some empty spools of thread. Then highlight the spots by making a “starting hole” with a nail, an awl as well as an ice pick. Put the drill bits on the bobbin or spools and then put the point of the bits in the correct position with the starting hole that you have created before. With the drills in the “off” place, firmly put the flat ending part of the bobbin or spools against the working surface and hold it in that place with a plier.

Please note that you should not use the hands to take the spools in position. With the drills and spools in this place, begin the process of drilling and your holes would be straight or perpendicular with the working surface as you planned.

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